Is in fashion terraform planets. Your corporation has choosen Mars as first planet to terraform because it is in the top of the hype. Along of 10 generations you’ll have the privilege to esculpt your name in Mars!


The game is played in (at most) 10 generations with 3 phases each where players draw in the mars board and fill blanks in their corporation boards.

You’ll grow forest to get oxygen, fill oceans, build cities and raies the temperature to make it habitable. All of this should be well connected with a monorail line! And everything gives you money to invest in your corporation.


  • 1 Sheet of paper with 1 Mars board and 2 corporation’s tally sheet.
  • 6 dice in the same color.
  • 2 or 5 sharpies/pencils. Blue for oceans, green for forests, black for cities, one of any color per player. Also you can play with only 2 pencils but the map won’t look prettier.

How to play

The game has 3 phases: Dice phase, event phase and terraform phase.

Dice Phase

  • The generation starts with the starting player rolling all the dice.
  • The starting player chooses one of the six die,
  • The opponent chooses two
  • The starting player chooses another one of the 3 left.

Event Phase

After every player have two dice, one or two event will be applied depending on the value of the left dice:

  • If the sum of the two dice is equal or lower than 6, the player may choose between applying two events or the sum of the two dice (For example, if the left dice are a 2 and a 3, he can apply events 2&3 or the event 5)
  • If the sum is greater than 6, he must apply the two of them.

Terraforming Phase

After the event(s), the starting player does the following:

Performs 2 actions (1 per die) or sum their values to perform 1 bigger action (see corporation tally sheet).

After the actions, the starting player crosses out the actual generation in the Mars board. A new generation begins if the conditions of game end didn’t meet. The opponent will be the starting player.

End of the game

The game ends when one (or both) of these conditions met:

  • At the end of the 10th generation.
  • At the end of the generation when he both oxygen and heat track were completed (not necessarily at the same time).

Then the both players score their VP.


The game actually can be downloaded to print it in home. Just a sheet of paper for the boards and 2 for the rules. Print it adjusting the margins in order to print the whole image and there you go!

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  • Players: 2
  • Time: 25'
  • Age: 10'
  • Family Roll & Write